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Deloitte Legal

Deloitte Legal, Pasternak & Partners Law Firm LLP has a network of offices in the largest Polish cities: Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław, Cracow and Katowice.

We provide comprehensive services in the scope of all legal matters that affect the business activity of enterprises. In our daily work we draw on the collective expertise of the global Deloitte network, which makes it possible for us to carry out international projects. Our insightful knowledge of different sectors of the economy and the rules of business functioning, as well as our close cooperation with colleagues from the departments of tax advisory, financial advisory and business consulting enable us to provide services under diverse projects, irrespective of their scale and degree of complexity.

Thanks to this interdisciplinary structure, we can also identify opportunities and risks at the earliest stages of the business process. Our specialists can offer competitive budgets for a full package of services and save Clients’ time and resources in complex projects.

We provide legal services to the most significant international corporations, as well as large and medium-sized domestic businesses in Polish, English, German, Italian and French.


Deloitte Legal Awarded in the 15th Edition of the Gazele Biznesu 2014 Ranking
The Polish National Labour Law Congress, 1 December 2014, Warsaw. Panel: "Methods of establishing and accounting for overtime hours – practical aspects, discussion of differences between the methods".
Fourth circle of Global Webcasts Deloitte Legal in 2014

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